Lobe is an amazing and powerful tool for AutoML. It has everything you need to bring your machine learning ideas to life. Just show it examples of what you want it to learn, and it automatically trains a custom machine learning model that can be shipped in your app.

Lobe is a Windows or Mac desktop software program that allows everyone to create machine-learning models for image classification. It lets you build machine learning models with the help of a simple drag-and-drop interface.

So, everyone has access to machine learning skills and can create models without needing any technical knowledge.


Teachable Machine is Google’s AutoML platform which is a web-based tool that makes creating machine learning models fast, easy, and accessible to everyone. You can build models to classify images, audios, or even poses. After doing the same, you can download the trained model and use it for your applications.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through making a machine learning model to classify the Monkey Breeds. It is a basic image classification problem. So to get started, I’ll go to Teachable Machine and open up an image project.

Labeling the Data:

First of all, we need to collect the data…

From the large variety of programming languages, you can always find the right one that will be the most helpful for solving some specific task you come upon with.

In this article, you will learn about the basics of the Go programming language, which is primarily developed at Google. Google Go is a simple and easy-to-learn programming language that has many innovations that are missing in other languages.

“Go, also commonly referred to as golang, is an open-source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.”

If you would like to know more, ‘A Tour…

A study found that 90% of Machine Learning models is cooked up by the Students, Practitioners and Data Scientists never make it into the Production. If you’re preparing your Machine Learning or Data Science Portfolio, you need to stop obsessing over training models for higher accuracy or precision and start deploying them. Deployment is also a skill recruiters actively look for when hiring ML Engineers or Data Scientists.

So in this blog I just want to show you basically how to train a model using pycaret and deploy it with the flask app, so it would be better if you…

Sagar Jiyani

Data Science Student

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