Lobe.ai — Drag and Drop AI tool acquired by Microsoft


Lobe is an amazing and powerful tool for AutoML. It has everything you need to bring your machine learning ideas to life. Just show it examples of what you want it to learn, and it automatically trains a custom machine learning model that can be shipped in your app.

Playing with Lobe:

The first step is collecting the data to train the model. In lobe, 5 samples per class are needed to start training the model.

Play with predictions:

Lobe already comes with a “Use” section in which you can test your trained model. In the Use section, you can drag-drop new images or take photos with your webcam. Lobe will run the trained model with this new image and you can see how good your model does with the new images.

Exporting the Model:

When you’re satisfied with your model prediction, you can export the model to a variety of industry-standard formats and ship it on any platform you choose. Also, you can easily optimize the trained model using lobe.

Features of Lobe.ai:

Image Classification:

So far Lobe only has one main feature and that’s training and image classification network. And it does that pretty well. In all the tests I have done I have gotten decent results with only very little training data.


The speed is insane. The models are being trained in something that seems like a minute. That’s a really cool feature. You can also decide to train it for longer to get better accuracy.


You can export the model by a local API, CoreML, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, and many more.

Comparison with other AutoML solutions:

Fewer insights

In short, you don’t get any model analysis as you would with Kortical for example.

Fewer options

As mentioned Lobe only offers image classification. Compared to Google Automl, which does that and objectregocnition, text, tabular, video, and so on, it is still limited in use cases.

It’s Easy

This is the whole core selling point for Lobe and it does it perfectly. Lobe is so easy to use that it could easily be used for teaching 3rd graders.

It’s Fast

The model building is so fast that you can barely get a glass of water while training.


When I compared a model I build in Google AutoML to one I build in Lobe, Google seemed to be a bit better but not by far. That being said the Google model took me 3 hours to train vs. minutes with Lobe.


In conclusion, Lobe.ai is a great step forward for accessible AI and already in its beta it’s very impressive and surely will be the first in a new niche of AI.

Data Science Student